Inequalities in the behavior expected of men and women


There is just no other way to start this post than to say i’m writing it in an outraged mood. I was just scrolling down my twitter timeline when i saw this article in the daily star (who frankly should be ashamed to have not put on the end of the article that he was a sexiest pig ) I wouldn’t normally click on an article that had anything to do with anyone from Geordie shore as i have never watched the program and have no interest in doing so in the future. But the headline ” you could have been Mrs Beadle but you let me f**k you after four hours” made me think surely that must just be a shocking headline to draw the readers in he can’t just mean that and not have a valid explanation, not that i can think of an explanation that would be acceptable for that comment but still i needed to read it to see.

But no as you can see the post is just feel of self importance and sexist statements.  So he’s saying if a girl has sex with a guy on the same night she’s seen as not having a worthy enough character to be worthy of marrying him. Well i’m sorry but its that old saying it takes two to tango. Stop the slut shaming because has he even said himself he was the one trying to get her in bed that night. I mean why should women be shamed and deemed unworthy of commitment but men sleeping with a girl on the first night is expected and seen as normal laddish behavior? The morals of sleeping with someone on the first night is a personal one and i’m not commenting on that or sharing my opinion on that what i’m saying is that men and women’s behavior should be judged in the same way.

Last point, what gives men like Gaz the impression that women should have to prove that they are worthy of him providing that fairy-tale he was talking about at the top of the screenshot. When you get engaged it should be a equal feeling of love and respect that has made her say yes and you both feel honored to be getting married to each other! In Gaz personal case love and respect normally comes from having the same interests and morals and from what I’ve heard of you and your behavior in the past good luck finding a girl with the high morals your looking for when your past has been far from that!

full article here

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5 thoughts on “Inequalities in the behavior expected of men and women

  1. 1weekmaryx says:

    ‘Men & womens behaviour should be judged in the same way’ you’re 10000% right! We’re supposed to be moving forward, away from discrimination & we’re supposed to be moving closer to understanding that everyone is human & EQUAL, yet when things like that article are published it just goes to show not only how desperate newspapers and media outlets are for readers, but also that they’re willing to put these negative ideas into people’s heads, too, all for a few flippin reads. I completely agree with what you’ve said – great post & thank you for sharing, it definitely needed saying! Xxx


  2. tartantights says:

    Hey Courtney This is a brilliant post, passionate, thoughtful, and well argued you really have shone a light on the double standards which sadly still exist in our society in this matter.

    As a transsexual women I have my own insight in to this issue and believe me the fact that this inequality in dating still exists shames this country.

    Growing up in the working class Glasgow of the 1970’s as the male I didn’t want to be I was encouraged to develop though I never did these pre historic caveman attitudes towards women and girls. I of course questioned why people thought like this and was mocked with usual replies like oh listen to her, or Sissy’s got her knickers in a twist. If only they knew how close to the truth they really were.

    Since living as the woman I have always known myself to be, I have experienced this inequality at first hand as I have had many men or what biologically passes for men come up to me and say I hope you don’t fancy me your a tranny. I have of course reminded them that I am transsexual not blind and told them that they need an urgent appointment with a mirror yet are the kind of men who believe they are so gorgeous that they could get any woman they want and get her in to bed.

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    • Courtney says:

      This comment honestly means the world to me I write to connect with people and I’m so glad this post did that for you. Not conforming to the caveman attitude society thought you should have cause of your biology must have been difficult altough I’m thinking if they gave you such rude respones when they believed you to be male, then it was probably through embarrassment that a man had regonized how disgusting their attitudes were. As for what men have said to you since your transition into a women I understand because I’m seen as less disirable to some because I’m in a wheelchair every man assumes I’ll be attracted to them which isn’t the case clearly. And again don’t let those comments get you down I don’t know your relationship status at the moment but if you are single someone will see you and connect with you for the person that you are.

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  3. tartantights says:

    Hey Courtney I wonder if you could edit that last line out from my comment as it would just make a bit more sense.

    As for being a wheelchair user I know the prejudices people have on disability issues as I used to work as a disability equality trainer as I have both epilepsy and a mild of form hydrocheples and people particularly during our teens can make some really stupid assumptions.

    Being both a disabled person and a trans woman is a challenge and a half and to be honest if I have call it one way or another I’ll always say my primary identity is a trans woman as I find we are perceived as less of a burden on society by lunatic right wing Tories who get their information on equalities form the Daily Express and Daily Mail. Well you never hear of cuts to a trans women’s benefit rate. I guess that’s because we are perceived as being able to buy our own skirts and being lippy enough to dig our heels in when we must.

    Best Wishes
    Gayle X


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