The shame of watching Big Brother


I wasn’t planning on writing this post at all until i just had the awful moment where the result of Big Brother made me angry, i actually cared enough for a program i should hate to make me angry. I’ve always hated the behavior seen on Big Brother  i think when one of my friends said why don’t i watch it a few months ago i replied “why would you want to watch people who get paid for having the morals of an ally cat on TV.” Every single word in that sentence i still think is correct apart from want change want to should! Because the behavior in there as been disgusting, foul language, cheating and at times just plain bullying. But still there I am hooked to my TV every night and even worse i missed the episode where Bears girlfriend came in and i stayed up till 3am to watch it on catch up *hides behind pillow in shame*, so what is it about something that i should hate in all senses i love. Whether its getting angry at Bears behavior, Lewis making my skin crawl with how manipulative he is or lines that make me laugh such as the classic “my nans more famous than you”  everything has created an emotion maybe more than a brilliant drama would.

If i put my psychology A level to use id say that real human personalities creating real emotions from other people will always be entaining because of human nature. I want to see who clicks with each  other and who doesn’t. When i see real anger of upset ill naturally feel more connected in the story because it creates an emotion in me. and the nosyness element as well cant be ruled out the lack of privacy just leads us  to see more than we should have including very private parts in this series i might add!

A rant to finish of the post it think…  the whole reason why bear shouldn’t have won is because he wasn’t real  he created all the emotion from other people which is why i connected with the program but he was a character. Do you agree with me or do you agree with the man himself and think its not real and just a game ?

Id also love to know why you watch the serious do you agree with me that its human nature?

please leave your comments down below 🙂



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