Thoughts everyone with social anxiety will have going back to school

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This year is the first year  I haven’t spent the first weekend of September a crying and shaking mess, as its the first year im not going back to school (im offically a grown up yay!) But i’ve been seeing on twitter that a lot of people who follow me are feeling like this  so i thought  i’d let you know you’re not alone by sharing what i used to think and sharing advice on the topic
So here were my main anxious thoughts when going back to school:

  1.  Nobody would want to speak to me and id be sat all on my own at break and lunch times.
  2. There would be nobody in my new classes that id like or get on with and id be left out of all group participation.
  3. Because I didn’t go out with the others during the summer due to social anxiety they would think i was rude and boring and id be out of the friendship group.
  4. Id have a panic attack going through the nightmare of a corridor crush.
  5. That one piece of home work I hadent done would be the end of the world give me a detention and being the good girl i am i used to dread detention.

Now more than likely this thoughts are completely untrue your friends will be glad to see you again and going back to school will be a lot easier than you think.  But if you do find your self in some of these situations above here is my advice to deal with them.

  • If you do find no where to sit and have to sit on your try not to over think it and think what over people will be  thinking of you for doing that.
  • If you have a field you’re aloud to sit on at break and lunch times sit there as there are no specfic seats so it wont be obvious to anyone that your sitting on your own because there are no seats or anyone to sit with, you will just be seen as having a chill out time on your own by choice.
  • Nobody can choose what classes there put into everybody is in the same boat hear this is out of your hands try not to worry and the good thing is if your not with your mates you might actually get some work done!
  • Some people have panic attacks its nothing you can control which is the scariest part of it i know but i just want to point that out so you dont blame yourself.
  • To reduce the likleyhood of a panic attack heres a few things you can do: learn diffrent/quieter ways for you to get where you nees to go.  If you dont mind your condition being know by those around you, you couuld speak to the school about being aloud to and from classes early so you avoid the crush of people. Try your best to rationalize your thoughts, yes its busy and people are touching you/getting aggitated but the reason for this is not because they want to hurt you or there annoyed with you its cause everyone annoyed at how little space there is in the corridoor and there only touching you cause they physically have to.
  • As for homework if you dont do it cause your lazy i have no symphaty but if you are generally are stuck teachers can normally tell and understand the best thing to do is go and speak to  them before class or in future email them its not that scary i promise and if they have what you have said in writing your less likley to be accused of just being lazy and not doing it.
  • And just one last piece of advice everything on that list of worries did happen to me sereval times it felt like the complete end of the world at the time. Now i still get upset that i missed out on school being “the best time of your life” like everyone says but i really dont care what anyone said or thought about me. So if anything bad happens speak to your parents school or friends no matter how small because overthinking and not talking about a problem creates more aneixty and can make it feel like the biggest thing in the word .

also as allways please comment below your ecxpirences/feelings on this or if you need someone to talk to privatly dm on twitter @mrssykeswannabe



4 thoughts on “Thoughts everyone with social anxiety will have going back to school

  1. Claire says:

    This is a great post. You remind me of myself when I was at school (not in a weird way)! I’m in my twenties and looking back I wish that I had something like your blog to read.
    Check out my blog if you want to compare notes 🙂 xx


  2. Emma says:

    goodness this brings back a lot of memories for me. although for me school was in the 1990s. I suffered a lot with anxiety and it wasn’t fun. I can completely relate. try and enjoy uni tho. I know its easy for me to say but I wish I could go back and do it again properly !


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