2016 mental health day compared to 2015, what a diffrence a year makes

First of all so for the lack of post, far too many reasons for it to explain but i couldn’t let mental health awareness day go past without acknowledging it.  So yesterday the 10th of October was mental health awareness day which caused me to sit back and reflect on my own mental state which i try and do as little as possible cause overthinking about myself is a massive trigger for me.  But i was pleasantly surprised by what i discovered if i think back to the post i wrote for mental health awareness day 2015 on my old blog you’d think it was a different person writing it, i was crying as i wrote for a start! I just felt like i was forever going to be stuck in my room to anxious to ever leave there and forever thinking i’m not good enough. Now im writing this post 2& a half hours away from my bedroom in my new home, training to be in a very high pressured career. obviously its taken a lot of hard work that i haven’t documented online to get to this point and i still have social anxiety, i’m even getting anxious writing this now thinking everyone reading this is going  to think im full of myself or bragging.

Im not bragging but i wanted to do this post cause it made me happy when i used to read peoples improvements posts, but i also used to be slightly annoyed when they didnt tell me how they had achieved it cause i wanted to get better so badly. So ill tell you reading this but with a note of caution doing this will not work for everyone and may even trigger some people. 

So how i think i got slightly better was i turned my triggers into a strength so my brain is always active over analyses and overthinking normal about situations that i have done something stupid in or thinking someone doesn’t like me. So now when that happens i turn that overthinking into not thinking about myself but thinking about a topic within society like sociology philosophy or psychology and i write an essay on it and that thinking about other topics at the end of it puts my anxious thoughts into prospective. I know my version is incredible geeky and this is very personal to me but what i suggest is find what triggers you and what happens to you during that bad mental health spell and put that energy into something that loosely related to it but twist it  to be positive.

But obviously this doesn’t work in every situation just last night i had to come home from a party cause i was anxious and i really didn’t think it would be appropriate to start writing an essay in that setting!

Do you have any tips on how you improved your mental health if you do please share them in the comments or tweet them me @mrssykeswannabe, with the hashtag mentalhealthawaress

6 thoughts on “2016 mental health day compared to 2015, what a diffrence a year makes

  1. Jade Writes says:

    Great post! So glad to hear you had a better day than you did last year. Such an interesting way of overcoming your anxieties, I might have to try! So happy you’ve found something that helps – keep it up! 💖💖💖


  2. itsbeccajayne says:

    I am so incredibly proud of you, and it makes me so happy to hear that you feel like the two posts contrast a totally different person for the better. My mental health is slowly getting better too, and I think that is also down to myself understanding it more… and how to control is when I do have a panic attack. This was such a strong and inspiring post, I genuinely enjoyed it and it genuinely made me very happy to hear about progress like this. Great job lovely! X

    Liked by 1 person

  3. PixieOX says:

    Great post lovely I’ve learnt to control my anxiety I always contanstly am using breathing techniques and will try to think about positive things. And music always helps me happy music that I like distracts my mind. Pixie xx


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