Hospital visits & family time

Hi lovely people who read this… i’m getting followers and readers and not really posting i’m grateful for you all!

Anyway time to start the post, i don’t really know how to define the point of this one i would call it a life update but nothing really gone on in my life to justify calling it an update so more of catch up of what i’m up to at the moment.

Well on Thursday night i made my first visit to Chichester hospital i had to try it out at sometime didn’t I, I mean id gone 3 weeks fending for myself at uni without no hospital visit i was quite proud of that. I was really worried actually jokes aside because i called out the first responder thinking oh ill just get checked out cause flatmates slightly worried and im feeling slightly crap then ill have peace of mind that im fine. But know he came took one look at my purple hands and feet felt my fast heart rate and checked my low blood pressure i was going to hospital at this point i went from feeling crap to thinking oh crap. But that panic was slightly lessened by  the caring and warm welcome i had from the a&e staff and well the slightly dishy guy they put me in the bay next to but he was with his dad and mates so there was no way i was talking to him so no update on the love life front yet soz guys. I got away from the topic a bit there by talking about the cute guy in a&e time to get back on topic! So the verdict on whats wrong with me is maybe kidney stones or woman’s problems im going for a couple of scans to find out. Even though its painful i’m hoping it kidney stones because even though its painful woman’s problems are just complicated and take ages to treat!  And well i’m a Friends geek and whenever i hear kidney stones i just see this in my  head… kidney-stones

In happier news I’ve come home for some family time to celebrate my little (not so little anymore) brothers 15th birthday. Its been lovely being home there is definitely a different happiness that your family can give you to your friends catching up with everyone’s been really nice. Also there’s the home cooked food thats just wow when you have been having microwave meals is just mind blowing! My granny made the whole family a huge Sunday roast and i was going to be a good artistic blogger and take a picture of it but i couldn’t wait to stuff it down my gob if im honest.

So that is all from me, health updates, family time and probably by the time i go back to uni an update about how much weight I’ve put on from the amount of food I’ve eaten! I have never really done just a chatty life post before so if you like this kind of thing from me please tell me in the comments below. Again thanks for reading 🙂

Courtney x


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