Noticing sexism on the x factor


I’ve been wanting to do a post on a few negative comments/behaviors I’ve seen towards women on the X factor for a while. However I was hesitant to because it is just a TV show they are not outrageous comments and with issues such as equality in whatever form  you kind of have to pick your battles, so your not excused of being just over PC.

For 3 weeks prior to this weeks show i have sat back at watched Simon  throw out the jealous of other women card to Nicole whenever she criticizes one of his acts. Comments like this are degrading to her ability as a judge because she is a women. Whatever you may think of her judging ability good or bad surely it is wrong to brush aside her comments and say shes just saying that because shes a jealous bitchy woman?     Put it this way would Louis  ever say to Simon “oh your just jealous of my boy band because they are younger males” No he’d be laughed at for saying that because people would be thinking why would Simon Cowell with his money, reputation and career want to be a bunch of wannabe singers up on that stage?  So why is it that in society we think the most important things to women are their age and looks compared to other women with people not taking into consideration the merit of how Nicole judges and the success she has had in her own right with a career as a singer. I’m not outraged by these comments as I said before. Im not outraged because i’m sure they were throw away comments to make a entertaining TV show . I just thought id write about it because when the possible meaning of the words are unpicked it tells us something interesting about how men and women are treated differently within society.

Comments that are bothering me a bit more are Louis opinions on girl groups because they are constant, so are clearly not throw away comments and therefore have sexist intentions behind them.   I wont go into that in this post because i wanted it to be just a short post to get you thinking about the way genders are unintentionally treated differently within society.    and Louis comments are intentionally sexist in my opinion so it would be a whole different topic   .

However if you want me to write a post about that please comment below or tell me on twitter. I’d also love to hear when you think about throw away comments about women.

7 thoughts on “Noticing sexism on the x factor

  1. chronicendeavors says:

    Great post! I don’t watch it but I’ve seen loads of sexism in the media and this article reminds me of that. It’s horrendous what society still considers acceptable xo


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