Nathan Sykes top 5 vocal performances


The next few post are going to be slightly different as my favorite artists and one of my favorite all round person album is coming out.  Nathan’s first solo album titled unfinished business is being released on the 11th of November.So to show my support over the next few days i’m going to be doing posts to show you more about him and hopefully that will show you why you should my the album! Most of you may have heard him but although he is mainstream he doesn’t really in my opinion have the recognition for how  much of a truly talented and creative artist he is. I could ramble on about this and just give you a biased account of why he’s amazing but i thought for the 1st post i do id let the vocals speak for themselves.( its very annoying that wordpress wont let you upload videos on a free plan! you’ll have to press the links but i promise it will be worth it )

So here in my opinion are Nathan’s top 5 vocal performances:

5.Over & Over Again- live piano version

4. Cover of Shawn Mendes- Stitches

3. Kiss Me Quick- live from times square

2. More Than You’ll Know acoustic

1. Cover of Smokey robinson’s- Who’s Loving You

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