luxiourous treats for new years

Recently it was my birthday and on Sunday me and my family had a little get together to celebrate, i was spoilt but not with presents with yummy food they certainly  know the way to my heart ! A good thing about having your birthday so close to festive celebrations is you find loads of new things that you like that would be good to treat yourself with at family party’s of get together. i loved the food i had for my birthday and thought they’d  be perfect for a new years celebration so i want to show you all what i had.


Scrumptious chocolate cupcakes- Thorntons

These were  Delicious i don’t know the price cause they were a birthday present from a friend of mine and it would be rude to check, but there are 3 flavors within it chocolate, raspberry and vanilla.      All 3 have a creamy topping then a thicker filling at the bottom with hard chocolate coating. one word of warning though the raspberry one is quite sharp so if your not a fan of flavors like that you wont like all of them, but overall the products so good the only bad thing i can say about them is there too moreish i ate 6 in one day.2016-12-23-20-42-05 

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