If I were to make my dream blogging panel

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Hi, guys! Today my post is focused on bloggers id love to see take part in a blogging panel. I was challenged to do this when I heard about Eventbrite which is a company that specializes in allowing anyone to create, share, find and attend private or public events. This was a no brainier for me to write this post I love seeing all the blogging events that are happening but I always miss some that I would have loved to go to so events being on an easy to use a website like Eventbrite would have been perfect for me. Also, the chance to talk about bloggers who’s stories inspire me sounded like a post id be passionate to write so let’s get started! Below is my dream blogging panel.

Twitter: @JohnRdToVol
Blog: https://johnsroadtovolunteering.com/

John runs a blog focused on volunteering, helping the blogging community and empowering others. His posts are always uplifting whether it be joking about being bald when the underlying tone is to tell others it’s OK to embrace difference in appearance, or talking about his passion for volunteering the uplifting nature of Johns attitude would make a perfect addition to a blogging panel to make people feel motivated to achieve what they want to and have more faith in themselves.

Anna Sacconejoly

Twitter: @AnnaSaccone
                             Blog:     http://www.annasaccone.com/

I’m sure most of you know who this lady is so she needs no introduction, but just in case you don’t Anna has a lifestyle and beauty blog and is also part of the Sacconejolys a family daily vlogging channel concentrating on family life. Although most known for the Sacconejolys channel that is not why I’d want her on my blogging panel, in her own right she is an amazing influence in social media and actually started her social media career before her husband Johnathan did and this is unknown to many. She’d be a perfect example for all the women in the audience to feel empowered. With knowledge of how to be a working mum in the industry and the scrutiny, women face online. Last year she also opened up very candidly about living with an eating disorder so hearing about her journey with mental health would also be very inspiring.

Little thoughts

            Twitter-    @hannahrainey_
                         Blog: http://littlethoughtsblog.com/

From one strong lady to another, Little Thoughts is a beauty and lifestyle blog run by the lovely Hannah. The reason I would want her on my panel is to get an insight into how she has created her own community online. Hannah started a chat called #TalkMH, the chat is at 8:30 pm every Thursday. The aim of the chat is to educate on the topic of mental health and to create a community where people feel comfortable to share their experience and feel supported. This she certainly has done and while doing it helped and inspired many others, so on a personal level I’d love to hear more about her story and on a business level, i’d love to hear about how she built up the brand and community that is #talkMH.

I know that’s a small panel but with all their stories I’d love to hear them in depth so I’d prefer a cosy feel to the event.

Thank you to Eventbrite for asking me to write this post I’ve had a lot of fun thinking about my perfect panel and talking about these lovely people who’s links are all above so go and check them out! Also If you want to go to more events or are planning on creating your own and are interested in finding out more about Eventbrite, you can check their event management page.

Lastly, i love interacting with you guys so I’d love to know who would be in your dream blogging panel? leave comments!



16 thoughts on “If I were to make my dream blogging panel

  1. Corinne & Kirsty 🌸 (@corinnekirsty) says:

    This is such a great ideas! A blogger panel! So nice! You get to learn so much and also be with bloggers that have the same interest as you. And writing for eventbrite is amazing! congrats! I think my dream blogger panel would have Kate LaVie, Colors and Caroussel and Sartorial scot! xx corinne


    • Courtney says:

      thank you i was pleased they asked to and they were very understanding of my schedule such a good company! and i haven’t heard of any of them so i need to check them out!


  2. GorgeousAndGeeky says:

    I don’t know these people very well, but I’ve been following John for a while and he seems lovely! I am so glad there are opportunities for people to discuss mental health on Twitter. Well done, guys! I work in mental health after studying clinical & abnormal psych for many years in uni haha! I love it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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