What I’d “shout out to my ex”

If you haven’t been living under a rock you’d have heard little mix have a new song called shout out to my ex. If you haven’t heard it you should youtube it because it’s great. The sassy lyrics and powerful beat makes you want to well stick to fingers up at your exs and it’s so catchy you will not be able to get it out of your head. 

But the message of what you’d say to your ex if you could got me reflecting on my past relationship. I have dated a few people but only really have had to exs so here we go this is what I’d shout out to my exs 

Ex number 1:

  • You taught me actions really do speak louder than words, the love letters got to me and made me all gooey inside but looking back you had enough time to write them and make your self look good it should have been all the back handed compliments such in person that I should have listened to. 
  • They say money Doesent buy love but for my birthday you got me a plaque and a pillow both with inspirational quotes on them how sad that you had to use someone else’s words cause you didn’t know me well enough to get me something I would like.
  • Lastly please for the girl your with now tone down on the aftershave a day with you would give me a headache. 

    Now I probably sound like a bitter bitch let’s move on to a happier note and onto ex 2: 

    •  I want to say a thank you to you for many things, for making me feel confident in myself with your compliments that you really meant cause you took the time to get to know me.
    • Thank you for making me realise how badly I was treated by Ex 1.
    • Thank you for making me relize that to share your feelings with someone and don’t be worried about rejection or wonder how anyone could like me so I push them away because I can honestly say now I don’t wish I was with you cause I can see how happy you are with your current partner but I’m never going to let my insucrities ruin what could be something more long term and great.

    This has been kind of like therapy for me haha! Both identity are going to be hidden of course. But I am intrested what you’d say if you could to your ex so comment below and tell me.

    I wrote the passages above in October 2016 and the post was liked by many of you and i still love the message of the song such a modern anthem! So I have decided to make it an on going thing. So writing in June 2017 about another past ex here’s what i’d shout out  to ex number 3:

    • The romance of Christmas clearly made us both feel more than we should have or thought that we felt more than we did.
    • You taught me to trust my instincts  and yes my aneixty might make me over think some things but I had a feeling you still had feelings for someone else and I will know to use my higtened analysing of every word to my advantage for my next relationship.
    • But lastly even though you led me on and at times used my mental health issues to your advantage making me feel stupid, I think you generally did care about me and are a good guy! Everyone has faults ( most of yours I haven’t gone into here I must say) but I’m sure you could right a list of mine too. 
    • What I’m saying is I guess I should say thank you for the care and happiness you brought me at the time and not too many hard feelings we just were a clash of personality and neither of them bad.

    Speak to you all again on this post when I have an ex number 4 or who knows I might get lucky and find the right person next time! Well I can hope can’t I…

    10 thoughts on “What I’d “shout out to my ex”

    1. ashlexyz says:

      I’m glad that your second ex helped you realise your own worth! I have nothing to say to my ex, but I’d definitely love to ask him “what’s it like dating my ex best friend?” what a couple! x

      Liked by 1 person

    2. kerry says:

      Great read! their exes for a reason for sure but they all play a part in building us to become the women we are. I couldn’t do this with mine as id probably be arrested for the words id have to use!!


    3. entrepreneurmama101 says:

      What you said was nice even for the first ex because my shout out would have a lot of *beeps* lol! It’s sad I dont have a good to say about any of them. It’s great your second ex made such a positive difference in your life.


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