YANKEE Baby Powder Candle Review 

Image of YANKEE candle

Hi guys! Today I’m doing something a little bit different, I’m reviewing a homeware product from the YANKEE candle range ! I personally love homeware as I think it makes your house into a home, I’m however not normally the biggest fan of candles as the strong aromas tend to give me a headache. But my mum brought this one from boots and when I heard it had the smell of baby power I just had to stiff it as its such a lovely smell and brings back memory’s of childhood!

Image of Yankee candle

I liked the smell, it took a while to come through however when it did it was a concentrated smell which was overpowering when lit so at first I was dissapointed but discovered that when the candle is blown out the smell detensifys and turns into the sweet smell of baby powder that I remember, and the good thing is that because the smell was so strong at first it will be smelt slightly all day leaving my house smelling sweet and nostalgic!  Overall I’d say if you like the smell of baby powder buy it but use with caution! I got mine from boots and will leave a link down below

boots offer on candle 

4 thoughts on “YANKEE Baby Powder Candle Review 

  1. SaarBlogs says:

    I’m burning the cherry blossom-candle as I’m writing this, so all with you on the Yankee candles-love! I’m especially looking forward to the Autumn- and Winter-smells, although I might give this one a try, now 🙂

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