My Cancer Scare

Camera lense

Hi guys you may have noticed if your one of the few regular readers I have that I have been very quite on twitter and there have been less blog posts than normal.

The reason for this is because of a health scare, at the start of June I noticed a mole I had always had on the side of my stomach had changed size and shape I was worried as a friend of mine had recently had skin cancer (is now in remission I’m happy to say) but she had the same symptoms that I did. 

So I told my mum about what I had seen she knows about my friend and that I have aneixty so assumed that I was just over thinking it; although I was a bit cross that she was making me out just to be dramatic at first I began to see her point, I am prone to overthinking things and often come up with the worst possible sulution so I put it to the back of my mind.

A month later I was sitting in my living room with my family wearing I wouldn’t say a belly top but a top that rode up my mid-drift. My mum suddenly turned to me in a shocked voice and said “what’s that” then stated feeling and looking closer , the next thing I know she’s got my dad getting out his tape measure to measure it now at this point I’m thinking now this is what you call a dramatic reaction! 

She suggested I go to the doctors which I wanted to do in the first place just as a better to be safe than sorry procuation; so I showed the doctor my mole and she too needs to work on her poker face as she looked quiet concerned after seeing the mole and refered me to a specialist dermitioligy skin cancer clinic but made it clear that it didn’t mean I have cancer as she isn’t a specialist it just meant it hit her creitira of suspension of cancer.

Hearing the word cancer even if it does have the word suspicion next to it felt like a kick in the chest I think everyone must get the panic when they hear the c word right?

A week later I went to my appointment with the speclist, all week I had thoughts about what I was going to do if I got bad news?  How I’d tell my family? If I’d give up uni? If my care plan for my perminent disablities would change? 

Although I tried to be positive I was nervous to the point where I was shaking when my name was called out. But as soon as I got in the examination room the doctor put me at ease she looked in control like it was an examination she did everyday (which obviously she does) but she also was very personal and empathetic.

The examantion it self was very simple I’d Googled and heard of procedures such as scraping skins cells out and cutting things. What the examination actually was to have my full body exaimed with a magnification glass. When she got to the mole in question she said I can reassure you that Doesent look imediatly worrying *I brethed the biggest sigh of relief* although not worried she said it was a possible future issue as moles like mine are prone to changing so she was very through and sent me in for photos of the mole 2 far away from different angles and one with a different lense that goes on the skin. The doctor  has asked me to come in back in 6 months for comparison  but comfimed  that it is binine. 

I wrote this post because when I got the big letter referring me to the suspected cancer clinic a title that was written in big letters aswell, I would have loved to have read a real post like this to balance out the scary articles I saw on Google. It was not to click bate and i want to make it clear I do not have cancer.

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