Why diversity in the blogging community is so important


I like to think I am a person who advocates for diversity in society and is passionate about achieving equality for every person on the planet. So when I saw the campaign my friend John Sennett was running to promote divesity within the blogging community I was proud and excited  ( I may have even done a fist pump In the air) 

During my time being in the blogging community ive spoken to some amazing relatable people who understand the sometimes troubling times and experiences I have as a women  who is a wheelchair user, has epilepsy and a mental illness, reading there ecxpirence’s and how similar some are to mine has made me feel more “normal” and like I wasent alone in what I was going trough.

I hate using that word normal is this context but the truth is minorities arn’t the normal within society. The media has a big part to play in that . I see adverts promoting  diversity and they are really not! The most recent example I can think of is Boohoo’s #allgirls campaign that was meant to be promoting all girls right to enjoy fashion and have their own sense of style, within the campaign a women who was plus size or disabled was no where to be seen. This is just the latest example I can think of where the media have ecxduded women who are disabled or have a different apperence to what society would consider normal. And I am sure there a many other instances of diversity exclusion that I haven’t regonized because I am not in that minority group. 

We have a chance to change this us bloggers are part of a new wave of media, we can share our stories and support each other in our real lives warts and all without the glossyness that even many bloggers feel the need to present. Im in my 20s now and confident enough to most of the time being comfortable  with my disablities and mental health problems but at school I was not, but if I was to go into my school times it would be a whole different post. However can say that I would have loved to have someone older than me showing how life really is for them as a disabled person.

Let’s change this for the next generation let’s use the power we have as influences to share the life’s we live our real lives and support and love each other for who we are not the normal were told to be! Let’s all take part in the #ILiveItIblog it campaign and let that just be the start of embracing our diversity.

The impact of the suffragettes movement- international women’s day 2017




1981 Isle Of Man

1983  New Zealand

1918 Germany

1920 America

1928 England

1920 America

1944 France

1945 Italy

1947 India

1952 Greece

1980 Iraq

2015 Saudi Arabia

Above is just a short list of countries around the world and what year they made it legal for all women to vote no matter what their marital state. As a girl born in England in the 1990’s it was just normal to expect that when i get to the age of 18 i could vote. Growing up I knew of the suffragettes and what they did, I always thought it was a courageous and great thing to do but i had only concentrated on England, and hadn’t really thought about women’s movements internationally and has today the 8th of march 2017 is international women day i wanted to do some research on the topic.

Some of these dates astounded me can you believe a fairly liberal country like   France thought it was acceptable and a good idea to take part in two world wars before it was thought acceptable for women to vote?  I truly cant believe it but who was in power and left to make the decision on who could vote? MEN

Reflecting on this i got thinking about how different the world would be today if only men were aloud to have their voices heard. This post isn’t now going to turn into a man hating post as there are some men out there who believe in and fight for gender equality.  However just bare with me here and do a bit of reflecting if women didn’t get the vote how different would our world be? Its not a secret that a factor into why the government and organizations that involve governments such as the EU  now make provisions for issues and rights  such as The equality act,  childcare, maternity rights, equal employment , domestic violence, and sexual  harassment/abuse because they want women’s votes to get into power.

So what on earth would the world look like without those laws just mentioned if we didnt have the power to vote meaning the laws and  rights above wernt made to the standard they are today?   Young girls wouldn’t have access to an equal standard of education to their male peers, meaning that they would not have the knowledge to make the amazing contributions they do in society today.  Without the provisions for childcare that are currently made it would be increasingly difficult for women to continue to make the contributions to the workforce they make now which would have a huge negative effect on our economy and our society progression in things such as medical advancement and inventions. If laws weren’t in place to make it  illegal for anybody to be  abused no body would have control over there own body and with the rates of domestic and sexual abuse being so high towards women while abuse is  illegal it makes me sick to my stomach when i think about what position we as women today would be in if we did not have those laws to protect us.

Because of all this after my reflection iv’e gone from thinking   that what the suffragettes did was courageous to knowing that in changed not only my life but the world and we should all be so grateful men and women because are world would be a much more negative place without votes for women. Now suffragettes gave us the power to use are voices and show our power through the law but as we all know the law may be there but it is not always implemented and attitudes have not truly kept up with the law so lets use that voice that suffragettes gave us and keep going till we get gender equality “toast drink” FOR THE SUFFRAGETTES!


Inequalities in the behavior expected of men and women


There is just no other way to start this post than to say i’m writing it in an outraged mood. I was just scrolling down my twitter timeline when i saw this article in the daily star (who frankly should be ashamed to have not put on the end of the article that he was a sexiest pig ) I wouldn’t normally click on an article that had anything to do with anyone from Geordie shore as i have never watched the program and have no interest in doing so in the future. But the headline ” you could have been Mrs Beadle but you let me f**k you after four hours” made me think surely that must just be a shocking headline to draw the readers in he can’t just mean that and not have a valid explanation, not that i can think of an explanation that would be acceptable for that comment but still i needed to read it to see.

But no as you can see the post is just feel of self importance and sexist statements.  So he’s saying if a girl has sex with a guy on the same night she’s seen as not having a worthy enough character to be worthy of marrying him. Well i’m sorry but its that old saying it takes two to tango. Stop the slut shaming because has he even said himself he was the one trying to get her in bed that night. I mean why should women be shamed and deemed unworthy of commitment but men sleeping with a girl on the first night is expected and seen as normal laddish behavior? The morals of sleeping with someone on the first night is a personal one and i’m not commenting on that or sharing my opinion on that what i’m saying is that men and women’s behavior should be judged in the same way.

Last point, what gives men like Gaz the impression that women should have to prove that they are worthy of him providing that fairy-tale he was talking about at the top of the screenshot. When you get engaged it should be a equal feeling of love and respect that has made her say yes and you both feel honored to be getting married to each other! In Gaz personal case love and respect normally comes from having the same interests and morals and from what I’ve heard of you and your behavior in the past good luck finding a girl with the high morals your looking for when your past has been far from that!

full article here

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