Hungry Horse Review

I’ve never been one for fancy restraunts, pub food has always been my go to destination if me and my family go out for food. So on a family day out last sunday we went to the well know chain the Hungury Horse one of the ones basef in Milton Kenyes we had been their before and had lovely meals so I planned to write a review of my meal there as a reccomendation for you all unfortenetly i cannot do that .

When we walked in it was very busy as ecxpected it was a sunday afternoon however the problem came when most of the tables free were up on the raised level of the dining area so accessibility wise the restruant is accsible but because of the lack of flat entry tables and the pub being a family pub meaning there were a lot of push chairs the layout wasn’t convineant for me personally as a wheelchair user.

Another really important aspect to a place I choose to eat is cleanliness I wouldn’t say the place was dirty as all the cutlery and glasses were clean however the tables were sticky with food crumbs left on them which call me fussy but put me off my food a bit before i’d even chosen it!

Now on to the main event the food review!

I want to stress here ive had food at the Hungry Horse chain before and its been lovely so I dont want to paint to much of a bad picture however my meal was just ok/eatable!

I had two southern fried chichen skewers on a bed of onions and peppers which came with two sides I chose seasoned fries and a side salad. As I said before it was eatable but the chicken did not taste freshly cooked and without the bed of peppers and onions would have been very bland . The fries were two heavily seasoned for my liking but that may just be a personal thing as we all having different seasoning levels if you get what I mean.

Like I said I cant complain about the food there was nothing wrong with it but on the basis of this meal and the cleanliness of the place i would not recommend it also would not suggest people in wheelchairs or who are unable to go up steps visit at busy times on the disability and accessibility front thoe I should add they did have straws yay!