Is Love Island Healthy To Watch?


Orignal 2018 Love Island Constants : Not My Image

Love Island love it or hate it its a huge part of today’s popular culture I hadn’t watched it till this season because I disagreed with its superficial nature and the ‘coupling up ‘ process but after hearing many debates and opinions on the program and my own teenage brother loving it and looking up to these men I thought its time I watched is this series.

My verdict… its entertaining I can’t deny it I do find myself enjoying watching it and it isn’t as rude and inappropriate for teenage audiences as I thought it would be I had this idea of bed-hopping like its a normal thing and expected but its not it is maybe different realities and circumstances to the real world because the process is so structured but you still get to see the end result and the impact of someone so heartlessly changing partners. This has created discussions about relationships and feelings with me and my brother which has been positive and good to challenge each other’s opinions and views on dating, he’s 16 though i think this would be inappropriate to do in this way with anyone younger and the suggestion I’ve seen that it should be shown in schools to talk about healthy relationships is ridiculous the show is so constructed and far from the reality of teen dating it would create unreal idea’s and expectations of what dating is today.

Speaking of unreal and high expectations there’s the body image side of the programme and this is as bad as I was expecting! Every girl and guy on there is geourgous and i’m ashamed to say it has affected me Ive always been insecure about my looks and now even more so to the point where I wish I could afford plastic surgery to have my nose straighted so I can see the argument that it is unhealthy on the other hand all the most popular people on the show are liked and voted for because of their personality, so it goes to show the indvidual can be as insecure and as judgmental of their own outside apperence but what we all care about and need to work on it whats in the inside. Superficial first impressions dont last and once they are gone most often what we are judged on by other people personality and values even if thats not how we judge ourselfs wll the time.