Songs that make me feel empowered


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It’s no secret that I love music I find it such an integral part of my life it has the power to change my mood instantly!

With summer ending and this time of year being a time of change for many I thought what a perfect excuse to make a playlist of the songs that make me feel empowered and hopeful for the future! I hope you enjoy it let me know in the comments the songs that make you feel empowered.

Songs I’m sure I’ll have on repeat this summer

With the weather getting warmer I’m getting a feel good summer vibe and whenever I’m happy the music gets turned up.

So here’s the songs I’m loving sure I’ll have on repeat this summer: 

        The beat in this song is amazing and the chrous is stuck in my head. Such a perfect bbq song!

        Again such a great beat so powerfull ( ecxuse the pun) and I can imagine I’ll be singing this song after a drink or two with some girl friends this summer.

        Again there’s a common  theme with the beat here but Paramore have done it again and managed to make a really deep song sound fun and light.

         What else can I say about this song apart from please let me have a summer romance with a guy like Ed.

        It’s an old one preaph’s no the lyrical genius of Ed Sheeran but the song always remind me of summer an automaticly cheers me up! 

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          The Vamps bringing disability into mainstream media

          Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of posts been so busy with uni, but its almost summer so it will probably go from one extreme to the other soon and you’ll be sick of me posting.


          I had to post ¬†today though as I’ve just watched boy-band the vamps new video for there current single middle of the night. I was pleasantly surprised to see the main actor and actress in the video using sign language to communicate. I say pleasantly surprised because i have followed the vamps career for a while i wouldn’t say i’m a fan-girl but I’ve seen them live many times when they were support acts for the wanted, and have always respected them as musicians and enjoyed their singles as well of live sets i have seen.

          Their position in the music industry from when i stated following their career has grown hugely they are now one of the biggest boy band in the UK and that brings with it people admiring them and respecting their opinions. Meaning bringing disability into the mainstream media on the big platform that they have  will make an impression on a huge audience and make disabilities more widely seen.

          What was great about this video is the song wasn’t about disability it was making no political statement just two disabled people in a normal situation breaking up or meeting up after a break up i cant decide tbh! But this is amazing making advisability visible in terms of everyday normal situation and not just hired as disabled actors just actors ( if they were actually disabled that is, which i hope they were)

          So thank you to the vamps this video may seem to some as just a video that wont make much of a difference, but i see it as visibility for disabled people as the humans that we are and not our disability.

          watch the video here